Roger Dennis

I remember starting here in 1977. The building was erected in 1974 by Charles A. Carter. Under Carter Aircraft Group LLC, Jimmy Brod and I are setting up procedures to maintain this building and make regular improvements.

Our building, and Carter Aircraft, Inc. were originally owned by Charles A. Carter and his wife Betty. In 1983, Charlie asked Roger Smith to be his partner in the business. On January 1, 1984, Roger purchased half of the stock in Carter Aircraft, Inc. In 1985, Jim Brod Sr. was working for Engine Support Inc. an engine shop at the Sebring Airport.

Jim came to see me about starting an engine overhaul facility in our building. We worked out an arrangement for Carter Aircraft to fund engine parts until engines were delivered. Carter Aircraft purchased some necessary engine shop equipment and Jim Brod Sr. also purchased tools and equipment from Engine support, Inc. With some second hand equipment and extra space J.B. Aircraft Engine Service was born.

In 1994, Roger purchased the remaining shares in Carter Aircraft, Inc. and became the sole proprietor of the company. Carter Aircraft was growing fast. In 1998, J. B. Aircraft Engine Service Inc. became a stand-alone company.

Jim and I worked out an agreement to share the building and continue our close working arrangement. From start to finish, there has never been a signed contract between Carter Aircraft, Inc. and J. B. Aircraft Engine Service, Inc. This relationship has been rock solid for 27 years. A handshake has always been sufficient.

Over 60% of the Carter Aircraft, Inc. business is repeat business, mostly annual inspections. We still have customers that date back to 1994, the year we upgraded to computers. We also maintain a lot of aircraft for customers too.

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