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Carter Aircraft full renovation and expansion program.

carter-bldCarter Aviation Group, LLC (aka Carter Aircraft), has operated an aircraft repair and maintenance business at the Sebring Regional Airport for over 39 years and is now in process of a full renovation and expansion program. The renovation process will include a 3,000 square foot addition, new roof, gutters and trim, upgrading and replacing windows and doors. Renovations will also include landscaping with updates to existing outbuildings.

The renovation will allow the Carter Aviation Group to continue to provide important jobs in the community with the possibility of increased employment in the Aerospace sector in the future. This project was in partnership with the Sebring Airport Authority (SAA) and the Sebring Regional Airport Community Redevelopment Agency (SRACRA). Craig D. Johnson, Chair of both the SAA and SRACR, said  “ We are very pleased to have participated in the important economic development project that will retain current jobs and hopefully create new ones in the future.

Carter personnel, airport staff, and tenants are excited about this new venture at Sebring Regional Airport & Commerce Park.

About Sebring Regional Airport & Commerce Park
Sebring Regional Airport is a 2,000-acre commerce park and airport. The airport is a designated Foreign Trade Zone offering many tax benefits and is home to Sebring International Raceway. Sebring has been named in the State Aviation System Plan as the growth airport for South Central Florida and celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2012.

For further information regarding this important project please contact Mike Willingham, Executive Director of the Sebring Airport Authority.


Contact: Mike Willingham

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